Thursday, July 4, 2013

Listen: Salt Cathedral - "Move Along"

There's something to be said for a slow release schedule. Brooklyn by Columbia psych rockers Salt Cathedral have certainly taken their time putting new music out into the world but each time the do, it's well worth the wait. Usually coinciding with massive events for them like their name change from Il Abanico, Salt Cathedral have made sure that each and every single they've released are is of the utmost memorability.

Their third single "Move Along" trades in the group's trademark frenetic energy for a slowly unfurling laid back jam. Their propensity for intricate layers is still at work with complex guitar riffs weaving seamless through Juliana Ronderos' flawless vocals.

Like the singles before it, "Move Along" signals an important milestone for the band - the release of a new EP; their first under the Salt Cathedral moniker. You can preorder the 5 song self-titled EP via Salt Cathedral's Bandcamp here.

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