Monday, July 29, 2013

Listen: Johnny Flynn - "The Lady is Risen"

Well finally. UK folk singer/songwriter Johnny Flynn has certainly kept himself busy - mostly with plays and a couple shows but the news of an new album, a follow up to 2010's Been Listening, has hung around for a bit. Not quite announced but always seeming very well like it could/would be for at least the past year and finally that day is upon us. Country Mile, Johnny Flynn's third full length album will be out September 30 on Transgressive and Flynn is ringing in the occasion with a short tour.

Our first peak of Johnny Flynn's new album comes in the form of "The Lady is Risen", a new track Flynn debuted last year during a short tour between commitments and well, it's excellent. Where Flynn's previous musical ventures have recalled very specific times in folk song canon, "The Lady is Risen" kind of ignores all that in favor of just simple folk melodies and Flynn's ever increasing poetic lyricism. Flynn's band The Sussex Wit are used deftly, offering just enough musical padding and ornamental flourishes to make their presence known without at any point overwhelming Flynn and his guitar.

Meanwhile the lyric video is a combination word jumble, anagram, and word search which is pretty darn cool. September 30th sure cannot come quick enough. Enjoy "The Lady is Risen":

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