Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Watch: Golden Suits - "Swimming in '99" (Lyric Video)

A couple months ago former Department of Eagles member Fred Nicolaus' first bit of solo material was released. It was amazing. The intensity of Department of Eagles' greatest track was nowhere to be found in "Didn't I Warn You" instead filled with a pristine bit of layers and a svelte-ness that established instantaneous that this was material of Nicolaus' own creation; not merely Department of Eagles with a different name.

"Swimming in '99", our second peak into the upcoming solo full length Golden Suits, continues similarly in that vein. However, the smoothness is disrupted in favor of extensive use of percussion. If it wasn't explicitly stated to be a lyric video, Nicolaus' latest offering could pass for the actual music video for "Swimming in '99". All of the action takes place between two watches - one meant to represent the year's beginning and the year's end.

It's apt that Nicolaus chose watches as his sort of symbolic moniker considering the watchmaker-like precision and intricacy of his tracks thus far. A talent of melody creating some pretty arresting musical moments. If the lyric video featuring various New York landmarks and locations is just the appetizer, I can't wait for the main course.

Golden Suits self-titled debut album is out August 20th on YepRoc Records.

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