Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An Atlantic - "High Heel Shoes (Bikini Man)"

Well it certainly has been awhile since we've heard from Portland duo hello mtn and while the details of why and what they're working on have pretty much been mum, there has been at least some news to eke out. Matthew Morgan and Cat Odell have joined forces with Seth Mankoski to create a sort of shimmering, easy breezy beach pop under the moniker of An Atlantic.

It's super soft very much like their Morgan and Odell's hello mtn work but goes few of the places the duo go - instead the quiet pop debut "High Hell Shoes (Bikini Man)" rolls along with silky smooth harmonies and the occasional glimmering guitar lick as the track grooves out very much like an old school surf jam without any of the jam, really. And yet that works for it.  A pleasant surprise from the recently unveiled hello mtn side-project An Atlantic.

Hear "High Heel Shoes (Bikini Man)":

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