Monday, June 18, 2012

Conveyor - "Woolgatherer"

With little less than a month to go until the release of their debut self-titled album to go, it only seems fitting that we'd get another peak of it. After "Mukraker", and "Mane", the gentlemen of Conveyor have decided to start at the very beginning, offer up the first track off the record "Woolgatherer".

In a way that's become oddly fitting, "Woolgatherer is nothing like what you might've heard from the band - at least not outright. Sure it's got those bright sun-kissed melodies that Conveyor have proved adept at since the  release of their Sun Ray EP, those smile-inducing harmonies, and the stamp of distinctive quirk that's rapidly becoming Conveyor's signature but there's something marked different about it this time. Their penchant for experimentation creates an absolutely gorgeous opening with the start-stop cut-copy "Eh's" that form a pretty awesome moment. In each single we've gotten from Conveyor, they've highlighted another strength of the band showing a very obvious growth and "Woolgatherer" is no different. It's positively radiant, multi-layered, complex, and most importantly it's just plain good. Not surprising from the Brooklyn foursome whose rapidly becoming one of my favorite new bands to talk about.

So with their debut album out in a couple weeks it only makes sense that you should grab it. I mean why miss out on what's sure to be one of your favorite releases of the year. You can preorder the gorgeous-looking and incredible sounding album here.  

Also don't miss the chance to see the band absolutely shred at their release show. It's a night you certainly don't want to miss. June 28th at Mercury Lounge. Get your tickets here.

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