Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pitstop: Levek


Well this is totally embarrassing. Several months ago I saw Levek in concert and apparently forgot about how good they were. Which is really just tragic. The concert in question was Illuminator and Conveyor's 7" release show which they played also played with Hundred Waters.

The brainchild of Florida native David Levesque, Levek's ties with Hundred Waters aren't just coincidence; in addition to both being from the sunshine state, several of the members of Hundred Waters were part of Levek's backing band and similar to Hundred Waters, Levek makes music in a genre all his own. The simplest way to explain being: A sort of blissed out tropical-infused occasionally beach-invoking pop. A even that only applies sometimes. Plus there's something super endearing about the fact that when I met David post show, he assured me that what I just witnessed was completely different from any of the music he had out. While that might be a bit disappointing to some, there's something incredible about experiencing something that so few have - while anyone can download his demos at any time, you have to actually make the effort to get the full picture and in that regard I felt rather privileged.

Unfortunately I had forgotten about the man and his mad musical experiments until this week when it was announced that Levek would be releasing his debut album. Whether this will be an effort to distill his magical live set into an actual record or if it will just be more of his markedly different bedroom recordings remains to be seen. But I'm certainly excited for it. You can get a little sample from the upcoming album Look A Little Closer with first single "Black Mold Grow":

(via Beats Per Minute)

Levek's debut record Look A Little Closer with be out September 25th on Lefse Records.

Get yourself properly keyed up for the debut with Levek's demo:

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