Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunglasses - "Swim"

One of my favorite blogs of note, We Listen For You, is undergoing a massive overhaul in content delivering solely one well thought out post a day. While that means less actual discoveries at the site a day, it also results in a stronger desire to check out what they do champion. Also, all the tracks they love get place in one easy to read/listen to post. And that's where I found Sunglasses' "Swim": a 7 minute jam of the most epic proportions.

Slowly building out of silence and fuzz, mechanized percussion accompanies the pretty bare vocals at least until instrument after instrument slips in completely without fanfare and just when that threatens to overwhelm, they drop out and start again from scratch. It's a bright, shimmering wave of sound that remains as unexpected as your initial listen. And despite it's labyrinthine sprawl, it coasts rather easily on its catchiness.  It's a track you'll have the hardest thing not listening to because of how much is actually happening inside of it.

(via We Listen For You)

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