Friday, June 29, 2012

Wye Oak - "Spiral"

Shhh everybody stop talking. Stop talking about that Lana Del Rey video or the Mumford & Sons tour or anything else really. The big kids are talking. Baltimore duo Wye Oak, creators of perhaps one of the most brilliant albums of the past year Civilian, are releasing a brand new track as part of Adult Swim's 2012 Singles Program. And it's just great. It pulses along with healthy dose of reverb-touched vocals before exploding into a full on jam, the dynamics increase, Andy and Jenn's vocals swirl around each other and echo away in the distance all while there's a pretty grooving bass line. "Spiral" is a track that essentially never lets up. Just when you think you know what to expect it shifts gears slightly until you're left with the minimalistic, percussive marimba instrumental outro and a strong desire to hit play again and again.

"Spiral" is bound to be this year's "Weather Of A Killing Kind" i.e. the best single Adult Swim has in its program and that's none to surprising considering like previous title holder The Tallest Man on Earth, Wye Oak can do no wrong.

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