Thursday, June 21, 2012

ARMS - "Summer Skills (Bump in the Night Version"


Well hey, it's certainly has been awhile since we've heard from Brooklyn rock pop outfit and keepers of my heart, ARMS. Though they've haven't really gone anywhere (brief month-long hiatus notwithstanding), they've been playing their fair share of shows as well as working on some new ones and they've emerged triumphant with a cool little addition to their set of available tunes. Remember Summer Skills? Sure you do. The group's tragically overlooked sophomore album garnered exceptional praise (from me mostly) and nabbed the coveted spot as my absolute favorite album of 2011. Quite a feat considering the massive amount of dynamite albums that came out last year.

Well their latest single "Summer Skills (Bump in the Night Version)" is a far more upbeat and rocking version of the album's title track. If you seen the band live any time within the last year or so, you've most likely heard it but this is the first time you can get your mitts on the moving, grooving alternate version. And I strongly suggest you do. I mean curators of cool I Guess I'm Floating just premiered the track and they most certainly know what's up. Do it.

(via I Guess I'm Floating)

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