Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Daughn Gibson - "Lite Me Up"/"Mark of a Man"

Remember Daughn Gibson? The Pennsylvania native released his debut album All Hell but a few short months ago and promptly took his brand of electronic-infused folk/country on the road for a short romp about the east coast. I'm glad to say I was in the audience for his Union Hall show and got to witness the premiere of his brand new track "Lite Me Up". Believe me when I say it's the absolute pinnacle of baby-making music. So light some candles and settle down for what's sure to be pleasurable dose of aural sex and maybe more It's a real scorcher.

And make sure you pick up Gibson's Lite Me Up 7" which features another track, "Mark of a Man" on the b-side. You can order the 7" here.

You can also buy the digital version from Gibson's personal bandcamp here.

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