Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Watch: Friend Roulette - "Hi, Hello"

Well this is news to me. Sometime after the release of their excellent Hi, Hello EP on beautiful 10" dual-image vinyl, Friend Roulette dropped their debut music video for the EP's (or a double single if you really think about it) eponymous track. And while the places they go to and the sounds they wield are otherworldly and fantastical, the video directed by Duncan Bindbeutel, is anything but. A good old fashioned gathering of friends with a trace amount of Gatsby era decadence as they sip champagne and converse in evening dress, the cocktail party scene unfolds rather normally and pretty much without incident.

But it's more than just stock footage - there's a layer of foggy sheen and smokey glow you see what wouldn't be out of place in Mad Men's bars. Except it's a rather small house party in Brooklyn where the angelic strains of "Hi, Hello" soundtrack their night of merriment. A properly arty debut video from the artsy chamber pop quintet. One you're  sure to watch again and again wishing you had received an invite to Friend Roulette's swanky champagne party. 

Watch Friend Roulette's video for "Hi, Hello" here. 

Friend Roulette's limited edition 10" picture disc vinyl is still available from Goodnight Records so order it here if you haven't already.

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