Monday, June 18, 2012

Jinja Safari - "Toothless Grin"

One of the pitfalls to falling in love with a foreign band is pretty obvious: Their music isn't all the readily available to you. Or at least maybe that's just a problem I have with the foreign bands I fall in love with. Another pitfall is well, you're subject to them doing things at the time it's most convenient for them i.e. when Jinja Safari premiered their new single "Toothless Grin" on Triple J about two weeks or so, it was a completely normal time there but here? Here it was 4:30am. And despite my attempts to stay up that late to hear it, I wimped out and fell asleep and then could find no mention of the premiere even happening. Other than some very happy Australian's giving the new single rave reviews but that was it. No record of it, no radio rip, no proposed release date, nothing.

It made everything seem rather like it had never actually happened or that for the first time no one was paying attention to Australia. And then Jinja Safari posted where you could listen to the track and all was well. I was over my conspiracy theories and just let another one of their bright, unraveling jungle jams envelop me. In "Toothless Grin", Jinja Safari prove rather effectively beyond any shadow of a doubt that they're no one trick ponies - the new tune is far from rehashing their same old concepts while avoiding a drastic change of direction that's simply not necessary. Another enjoyable tune from Jinja Safari with some mighty fantastic bamboo flute action.

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