Thursday, August 9, 2012

Abadabad - "All The Bros Say"

While blogs often specialize in cramming as much good music in your face as physical possible, it's not rare that you begin to associate a certain blog with a particular band/artist. Enter Andriana at Gluttony Is The New Black who introduced me to Abadabad earlier this year when she blew through New York earlier this year. No matter how many other downright excellent bands she throws my way none will probably top Abadabad.

That's not her fault. Abadabad are just tops. Mellow lo-fi rockers in a similar manner as Real Estate and there is not a single person alive that doesn't like Real Estate. Today the Massachusetts soft rock quintet dropped "All The Bros Say", the first single from their upcoming The Wild EP.

While this summer has been heavy with absolute ripping rock scorchers, a tune like "All The Bros Say" is a pleasant rarity. One that perfect accompanies one of my favorite summer activities: lounging. Whether that's before or after a refreshing dip in the pool lounging is an big part of summer. Because it can't be beach adventure time everyday. And that's where Abadabad come in. Sountracking your lazy summer days with cool, crisp waves of the most calm rock you're bound to hear.

And if you're in the New York area, make sure you catch Abadabad play at Conveyor's homecoming show at Glasslands Gallery. Tickets available here.

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