Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making Marks - "Ticket Machine"

Perhaps you remember My Little Pony? The Norwegian indie-pop quintet was responsible for one of 2011's most catchiest gems "Hard to Be Good" off their criminally panned album Making Marks. Well, they're back having trimmed the fat a little, returning as a four piece going by Making Marks, the name of My Little Pony's last album.

"Ticket Machine" is the first offering under their new moniker and it's got all the sunny, cheery stylings of its predecessors while continuing My Little Pony's brilliant but subdued tendency of referencing other awesome songs and bands. In this case, the chorus lifting the name of The Smiths' "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out".  In fact, "Ticket Machine" shows the band's yet to abandon their breezy, brazenly upbeat indie-pop and that's certainly a relief. Making Marks provide shelter in a dizzying storm of changing trends and emerging sounds by remaining true to themselves and what they like and the results are something everyone is sure to love. I sure do.

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