Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Watch: Sean Rowe - "Downwind"

Today marks the official release day of singer/songwriter Sean Rowe's latest album The Salesman and the Shark and he's ringing in the occasion with a music video for one of the album's lighter tracks "Downwind". I say lighter because even though the song itself is about escaping from jail and living off the fat of the land, it's still got a pep-in-your-step jaunty melody and guitar rock jangle.

The accompanying video is part home video featuring scenes of Rowe and friends at play part lose interpretation of the song as there's scenes of Rowe outdoors brooding and police cars and such. The video is interesting in that it seems to hint at a upcoming drama that never comes. Even as the song gains intensity and the images grow more fast-paced and disjointed, there video kind of ends on a sort of ellipses. Of completely unrealized dramatic payoff. Instead you're left with lingering scenes of fun, and black and white memories of Rowe shredding on guitar, and passing trains, and somehow that's all okay.

Watch Sean Rowe's video for "Downwind":

(via Spinner)

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