Thursday, August 9, 2012

Buke and Gase - "Misshaping Introduction"

Earlier this week, Brooklyn's Buke and Gase surprised everyone with a completely unannounced new track by the name of "Hiccup" and it seems that they're not done just yet. Today, the duo announced the release of their brand new Function Falls EP. The four song EP won't be out until September 11th but for those of you like me aching for new Buke and Gase, you're in luck. In addition to preordering the new EP, you can also stream and download the first track "Misshaping Introduction".

And if the release of a brand new EP wasn't enough to get you excited enough to vomit, Buke and Gase's label Brasslands let slip that the band's follow up sophomore full length will be out early next year. So far the only real reason to be excited for 2013.

So make sure you preorder Buke and Gase's digital only Function Falls EP, it'll be the best decision you'll have made all month.

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