Thursday, August 9, 2012

Watch: Lord Huron - "Time To Run"

To say that I am excited for Lord Huron's debut full length Lonesome Dreams would be the most epic of understatements. There are no words in the English language for how pumped I am for this thing to roll out. And apparently the band is too as they're doing what seems like everything in their power to give fans something to look forward to on pretty much a weekly basis. Whether that's album trailers featuring new songs or the occasional single, Lord Huron have certainly been good to those patiently waiting for the album's release.

Well today, over at NPR, Lord Huron premiered their music video for first album single "Time to Run". If you follow them on any of their various social networks, you've no doubt seen a picture or two from the video shoot that probably raises eyebrows along with your blood pressure.

The video for "Time to Run" is as intricate as Lord Huron's musicmaking, set as an old-style Western. You're dropped right into the middle of the action as you find Ben Schneider aka Huron running from a group of angry folk. He's knocked out and captured where it's revealed a girl is at the root of all his current problems and right when he's about to be hanged for an undisclosed crime, his pals come to bail him out. Perfect. And the best part of the video is perhaps the "To Be Continued..." hinting at more of the saga that might play out in other videos from Lonesome Dreams.

Watch Lord Huron's epic Western adventures in the video for "Time to Run":

Lord Huron's Lonesome Dreams is out October 9th.

(via NPR)

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