Monday, August 6, 2012

Hunting For Teeth - "Ghost"

Buffalo folk pop quintet Hunting For Teeth are mere days away from the start of their first ever tour - a mini tour of upstate New York that'll take them from Buffalo to Rochester, Ithaca, Syracuse, and Albany. Basically all those really nifty New York cities most bands tend to ignore in favor of good old New York City.

To ring in the tour, Hunting For Teeth are offering up their ever record - a short tour EP that they'll be selling and in case you wanted to know what you were signing up for, they've released a single from the EP "Ghosts".

Hunting for Teeth is a rather young band: formed a little less than a year ago with just Shauna Presto and Corey Bzibziak on vocals on guitar and have since expanded into a tight rocking five piece. "Ghosts" is an unexpected treat in every aspect: beginning with a short but sweet flute prelude and tenderly stroked guitar, the track sudden takes on a more biting edge imbued with a punky edge aided by Presto's sultry airs. The track becomes a balancing act, pivoting between gentle, lush instrumentals and brisk start-stop rock at pretty much a moments notice. It's catchy but most importantly: it's good.

While I haven't heard any of the other tracks off their EP just yet, if they're half as good as "Ghosts" we may all be in trouble as we won't want to listen to anything else.


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