Thursday, August 16, 2012

Watch: Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams Trailer #4 featuring "I Will Be Back One Day"

Gather around brothers and sisters, it seems it's that time again. Lord Huron have offered up yet another trailer for their upcoming full length debut Lonesome Dreams. I don't know about you but since learning about the painstaking amount of thought the band have put into the Lonesome Dreams mythos (each song apparently a book in a collection of books known as the aptly named Lonesome Dreams series by fictitious author George Ranger Johnson), it about doubled my anticipation for more of the story to be told.

Sadly that time is not now, not exactly. The latest installment of the Lonesome Dreams trailers features another new song by the name of "I Will Be Back One Day" but is done very much in the style of the other trailers meaning it's mostly song and title credits but there is a tiny bit of something to hold onto here. If you watch closely you see what might be a snippet from the next or an upcoming shot of the video that features a hazy Ben Schneider (or Huron as his character has been dubbed in the series) singing along.

It's enough to drive you absolutely ravenous with anticipation but considering Lord Huron have already given us more than we need to settle us until the album release, we'll just have to wait to see what else they have up their sleeve.

Until then, just remember: Lord Huron's Lonesome Dreams is out October 9th.

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