Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daughn Gibson - "Reach Into the Fire"

Well turns out Daughn Gibson is having a pretty spectacular year: releasing his debut full length All Hell on White Denim, a 7" single not too long after, and successful completion of his first ever tour. Things certainly seem to be looking up for Gibson. Yesterday, he was one of the artists announced in the initial official CMJ lineup and turns out, sometime when no one was paying attention, Daughn Gibson got signed to Sub Pop Records. Considering the absolute awesomeness of their roster, it certainly makes sense and Gibson celebrates the occasion with a release of a brand new track "Reach Into the Fire" which samples labelmates Shabazz Palaces and Tiny Vipers.

After releasing the super sexy "Lite My Fire" 7" single and the dark nature of many of All Hell's track, "Reach Into the Fire" is a breath of fresh air in Gibson's catalog. Bright and pseudo-inspirational, "Reach Into the Fire" takes a page out of "In the Beginning"'s book without sounding like an exact replica.  It's enough to single-handedly get you excited about Daughn Gibson's future Sub Pop releases. Here's hoping it's not too long now.

Thanks to Frank from Listen Before You Buy for bringing Gibson's label signing to my attention.

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