Friday, August 24, 2012

Flock of Dimes - "Curtain"

If you're anything like me and have been ravenously fiending for more Flock of Dimes since her Prison Bride 7" debut then you're in luck. Turns out Jenn Wasner waits for no man, in addition to touring extensively with Wye Oak at present, she's releasing a brand spanking new 7" on Merge Records.

"Curtain", with b-side "Apparition" out in a limited edition run on September 25th, trades the break-neck beats of "Prison Bride" for more of the hazy, sense of wonder of "Gauze" as Wasner invokes seemingly boundless rapture with craning melodies and sweetly sung overtures of love. "Curtain" is a track meant to overwhelm and it certain does it's job - continuously rising in feel and intensity until Wasner finally relents allowing the track to fade on it's final downward descent. It's unshakably magnificent and just plain good.  

There's no talk of a full length album at present and maybe that's for the best? Because if Flock of Dimes had a larger collection of tunes, we'd never listen to anything else ever again. 

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