Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Levek - "French Lessons"

Where would I be without those lovely folks over at I Guess I'm Floating? Well, probably knowing a whole lot less about awesome new music releases. Just the other day they posted the second new track from Florida musician Levek's upcoming debut full length Look A Little Closer, "French Lessons" (his first was "Black Mold Grow").

"French Lessons" is equal parts whimsical interlude and frolicking groove-centric jam. While Levek's music is certainly no stranger to flights of fancy and almost fantastical sounds, "French Lessons" takes it up a notch. It's music that wouldn't be out of place accompanying a 70s B movie. That kind that you'd totally want to buy the soundtrack for. And maybe that's the appeal? Or at least part of it. Levek's music is a retro in a way that's not as obvious as those bands that set out to imitate bygone times. Retro in a way that's possible only through David Levesque's mastery of a very now assortment of electronics. Whatever the case one thing remains clear: Levek's music is great and the new track "French Lessons" is no exception.

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