Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buke & Gase - "Hiccup"

Well it's certain been awhile since we've heard from Brooklyn experimental instrument-makers Buke & Gase. Since the release of 2010's Riposte, the group has undergone a couple changes - most notable the name change from Buke & Gass to Buke & Gase. Not a significant change but that one letter is all you need to properly pronounce their name. While the duo have been touring (playing Crossing Brooklyn Ferry earlier this year), this week we finally get officially released new music from them. In the form of "Hiccup", off a free compilation you can download here.

 Buke & Gase - Hiccup by All Around Sound Blog

Their first release in nearly two years, "Hiccup" both invokes the Buke & Gase you used to love while also hinting at new ideas. I mean just listening to the track there's a more polished sheen you didn't get on their album. Other than that, Buke & Gase still remain innovative purveyors of noisy pop. "Hiccup" is full but not chaotic or cluttered, it's catchy but smartly so. It's great and I certainly hope there's more to come from Buke & Gass otherwise this is just a special kind of torture.

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