Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anna Calvi - "The Wall" (The Invisible Cover)

Coming up off the release of 2011's self-titled debut, Anna Calvi has certainly been taking her time with a follow up - riding a wave of singles and intimate international shows and conquering the latest festival circuit. And yet somehow, in times like these, she manages to slip out an incredible cover that makes her radio silence almost worth it.

While her singles normally come paired with a single from the album, Anna Calvi's latest cover, of The Invisible's "The Wall", is released all by itself and follows suit with her dark, sultry style that was the very backbone of Anna Calvi. And yet unlike the multitude of tracks on her debut, her cover relies far more heavily on her vocals than her impressive guitar chops. Stripped down and sparse, Calvi is at her most engaging, intoxicating peak.

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