Thursday, January 17, 2013

Listen: Gracie - "Habits"

Yesterday, everyone and their mom sought fit to release a brand new single while I was unable to immediately devour it. One of these such people was Philly-to-New York transplant Gracie with his brand new track "Habits". Did you ever wonder what Gracie, who's responsible for one of my absolute favorites track of 2012 "Creature Pleaser" would sound like if he tackled a ballad? No? Well, it went and happened anyway.

"Habits" is more than your standard ballad coursing with sumptuous beats that trot alongside Andrew Balasia's rough-hewn vocals and simple piano accompaniment until allowed to take center stage at the song's end. The pairing of beats with the emotion-laden vocals doesn't distract however, instead giving the track a much appreciated pulse and a rather sweet, distinctive spin to a standard songwriting trope.

"Habits" proves that Gracie is just as good at crafting heartfelt electro-pop ballads as he is infectious dance-inducing jams. A necessary skill for a diverse and well rounded album. Gracie's Bleeder EP is out March 12th on Small Plates Records. And you can now pre-order a physical 7" single featuring "Creature Pleaser" and "Habits". Do it. You know you want to.

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