Thursday, January 10, 2013

Listen: Guards - "Ready to Go"

After the summery jangle of "Silver Lining" and midtempo rouser "Coming True", it's about time for a something a bit more down tempo, no? Whether or not you agree that's what New York retro rock trio Guards are dishing out. "Ready to Go", the latest from their upcoming debut full length In Guards We Trust, is a walking tempo jam with Richie Follin crooning and harmonic shout vocals. Things might slow down a little but the band's still tight and interlocked as eve. It's a nice change of pace and proves Guards are versatile players that a more than capable of keeping you engaged regardless of tempo.

Listen to the third single from the full length "Ready to Go":

And in case you missed it, you can watch this awesome and kind of creepy album teaser for In Guards We Trust featuring "Nightmare":

Guards' debut full length In Guards We Trust is out February 5th.

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