Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Listen: Wildlife - "Born to Ruin"

After what seems like ages of the Toronto rock fivesome Wildlife hinting at their new album dropping, this is the week everything's taking shape. Revealing their cover art and track name (albeit a bit subtly) a day ago, we finally get to hear what the lads have been up to for the past year. From lakeside cabins to seaside towns, Wildlife have been hard at work making sure their latest effort stacked up against their incendiary debut.

"Born to Ruin" is a pretty natural evolution for Wildlife. Percussive and heavy, the track pulls the balls to the wall energy the band is known for in their most ripping of tracks and live sets and instead proceeds at somewhat less intimidating level of intensity. Instead the track shuffles along with a gentler head bobbing, toe-tapping pace that allows for a far more engaging listening experience. The band's always done a great job of playing together but at the slower pace, it's far easier to make out the various parts at work and really enjoy the grand moments of music making as the occur. Wildlife's always had a rather anthemic leaning output and "Born to Ruin" is no exception. It's virtually impossible for me to be more excited for Wildlife's sophomore record ...On the Heart than I already but "Born to Ruin" is great enough to almost make me second guess that excitement. Thank heavens it's release is little more than a month away.

Get a taste of Wildlife's plodding rock scorcher "Born to Ruin":

Wildlife's sophomore effort ...On the Heart is out February 26h on Wax Records.

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