Monday, January 7, 2013

Listen: Night Beds - "Ramona"

Fans of emotion-stirring ear-catching folk rock rejoice. Nashville based songwriter Winston Yellen aka Night Beds is releasing a full length album. What's more if you liked "Even If We Try" but wondered if Night Beds was capable of doing something a bit more fast-paced, you're in luck. New single "Ramona" continues the atmospheric listless vibe achieved on last year's single and the Every Fire, Every Joy EP while speeding it up a little. Also Yellen has a full band backing him up which fills out the sound nicely and makes his rich emotive vocals all the more distinct, easily floating to the surface through the hustle and bustle of the band at play. There's a slight bit of twangy guitar action that both recalls his new Nashville home and album title - Country Sleep.

The strength of the two singles alone is enough to make me want the album and want it bad. Thankfully we don't have too long to wait as Night Bed's Country Sleep will be out February 5th on Dead Oceans.

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