Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Listen: Telekinesis - "Ghosts and Creatures"

Stop the presses, hold on to your loved ones for dear life, and get ready to squeal in utter joy and delight. Singer/songwriter/drummer Michael Benjamin Lerner aka Telekinesis is releasing a new album. And letting the squealing commence. If you've followed him on Twitter this wouldn't exactly come as a shock to you as he's spent more time forwarding on updates of an album in the works but it's still rather great news. Especially because we get to hear it. Also details are with it. No nebulous "soon". Telekinesis' new album Domarion will be out April 2nd on Merge and that is cause for celebration. What's more, our preview of the album is pretty choice. There's definitely some extra production at play but all's fair in love, war, and pop right? I'm excited for more powerpop from Seattle's most loveable hipster.

One of my favorite things about Telekinesis is each record manages to sound different without actually trying all that hard to make it so. Or not obviously anyway. "Ghosts and Creatures" benefits from the extra touch of producer and Spoon drummer Jim Eno and relies more on fuzzy synth textures than anything else. Lerner's percussion prevails sure but it pulses underneath all sorts of arcing synth sounds and they crackle and fizz around Lerner's ever-emotive vocals.

Telekinesis' third studio album Domarion is out April 2nd on Merge Records.

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