Monday, January 28, 2013

Listen: Alessi's Ark - "The Rain"

After releasing a terrific sleeper album in 2011's Time Travel and finally releasing her debut record Notes from the Treehouse for the first time in the US late last year, folk songstress Alessi Laurent-Marke aka Alessi's Ark has certainly had a busy releasing schedule. So much so that the news of another record took me pretty much completely by surprise. And yet, her latest album The Still Life will be out in April. Colorful me excited.

It's hard to tell what first single "The Rain" means for Alessi's direction. She's had non folky sounding songs before and yet "The Rain" takes her dreamy atmospheres and places it with a sort of pop friendly percussion.  In fact all the instruments involved have a far more percussive role while allowing Alessi's vocals to shine through. It's a downright catchy number which balances that catchiness with being interesting. A definite reason for excitement.

Listen to the first single "The Rain" from The Still Life out April 30th in the US and April 16th for those lucky UK folk.

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