Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Watch: Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers - The Russell Sessions

It's certainly been awhile since we've heard from Michigan folk rockers Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers. If you've been in the Michigan area, there's certainly been no shortage of appearances by the  quintet but for everyone else there's been relative little to for you besides a one-off single the band released last summer. Well now you're in luck. Back in November, The Rainbow Seekers holed up in an industrial building by the name of the Russell Industrial Center and filmed a set of brand spanking new songs completely live. They recorded both videos of the endeavor as well as audio and we get to revel in both as we wait for the eventual follow up to 2011's On Being.

From their very On Being-esque "Your Story" to the sax-infused jazzy baby making vibes of "Feel", Joe Hertler and his band establish two things: 1) That good things come to those who wait. Offering a eclectic set of songs that balance the serious nature of Hertler's introspection a la On Being as well as the fun times the band and vivacious energy the band is known for 2) The band quite simply needs to tour more. It's downright criminal that only the Midwest gets to experience the talented, interconnected of this band. These videos are enough to make us all a little jealous.


"Your Story"


"River Runs Dry"

"Red Wings"

You can download the digital album at their bandcamp here.

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