Thursday, January 3, 2013

Watch: Marching Band - "And I've Never Seen"

The year is 2008 and Swedish duo Marching Band have their song "Trust Your Stomach" featured in the movie Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. I fall in instantaneous love. They release two abums of pleasant tuneful indiepop which I do a terrible job of covering. Until now.

Yesterday the Swedes released a brand spanking new video for the song "And I've Never Seen" off their forthcoming And I've Never Seen Anything Like That EP. The tune is mellow jangle pop that slowly picks up speed, gathering up a series of instruments (like drums and glockenspiel). The video is as simple as video can be too. Featuring Swing dancing troupe the Harlem Hot Shots, it starts with each member making their way to an empty restaurant and engaging in a solo dance off before turning into an out and out dance party. Simple but fun video for a simple but fun song.

Marching Band's And I've Never Seen Anything Like That EP is out January 15th.

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