Friday, January 25, 2013

Watch: The Acorn - "Rapids (Mère de les chaudières)" (Herd Mag Session)

I mentioned on my most anticipated albums list that Canadian folk pop band The Acorn were preparing their follow up to 2010's No Ghost and since it's announcement last year, we're finally getting a taste of what we can expect on Vieux Loup. Sort of. In his original announcement The Acorn's Rolf Klausener promised a R&B, dance, and experimental infused album which we don't really see too much of in the new track. It's in progress so maybe it'll be treated a bit differently in studio. Whatever the case this live rendition of "Rapids (Mère de les chaudières) is pretty great and recalls Glory Hope Mountain. My favorite The Acorn album and the one I hope they return to for defining their band sound one day. Until then, Klausener seems content to experiment and the results sound pretty amazing so they're not complaints here.

Enjoy this live rendition of "Rapids" for Herd Magazine:

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