Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Watch: Young Dreams - Fog of War (Modular Session)

If you're anything like me, you dream about being able to see Norway orchestral pop maestros Young Dreams live. Since being tipped off their existence by Sondre Lerche's Best of 2011 Spotify playlist, I've been following the young band pretty closely hoping upon hope that they'd be some sort of announcement that they're leaving the comforts of Norway and Europe for a good old fashioned US tour. No news on that front yet but with their debut full length Between Places about to drop and a good friend in Sondre Lerche, it's highly possible that might be a good thing they have on the horizon. Or at least I'm certainly hoping so.

Until the day when I can see them without having to skip the continent, videos like these will always be a treat. Shot on a rooftop in Berlin, you get to see the core six members of Young Dreams rocking out to "Fog of War". The video is in this cool, panning circle that shows each member at a specific point in time so you can see just what they contribute to the whole. In case you were curious just how many instruments were at play on the most basic level of Young Dreams you have your answer. This and other videos like this just might tide me over until Young Dreams arrive on US shores. Maybe. Either way it's a pretty incredible live video of a pretty incredible live band. Check it out:

Young Dreams' Between Places will be out March 5th in the US on Modular Recordings.

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