Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daniel Rossen - "Saint Nothing"

I got into Department of Eagles right before they announced their indefinite hiatus and Daniel Rossen dedicated the majority of his time and songwriter prowess to the folk of Grizzly Bear. Grizzly Bear is all well and good but I've always enjoyed Department of Eagles a little bit more than Grizzly Bear. So of course the news of Daniel Rossen releasing a solo album is like blogger/fan Christmas. And probably the closest we'll get to anything resembling any Department of Eagles news for awhile (despite Fred Nicolaus playing a random solo show in Brooklyn last year). Color me excited. Rossen solo outing, titled Silent Hour/Golden Mile, is bound to be some of the most mesmerizingly gorgeous batch of tunes. How do I know this? "Saint Nothing". It's pristine, almost endlessly sprawling, and jampacked with sorrowful refrains. Utterly transcending Rossen's previous work in Department of Eagles and Grizzly Bear. And so begins the long wait until March 20th, when Rossen's 5-song debut drops and utterly changes everything. Or at the very least, gets an insane amount of play.

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