Monday, January 30, 2012

Bowerbirds - "In The Yard"

One of the greatest gifts you can ever wake to find is new Bowerbirds. It's also the first time that I get to reference the awesomely named My Folking Heart. You see, they're wholly responsible for me even knowing this track came out today so much thanks to them.

While Bowerbirds has consisted for quite some time of main players Phil Moore and Beth Tacular with a rotating cast of extras, "In the Yard" marks the first time on record that Beth has taken the lead on the song. Sure there was her brief solo turn in "Beneath Your Tree" but on the latest track from their upcoming record The Clearing, Beth stays in charge the whole song with Phil Moore harmonizing with her. It's a great change that manages to shake up their standard formula in just the right way.

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