Monday, January 23, 2012

Hospitality - "Eighth Avenue"

Well, Hospitality are certainly having a busy week which might very just be warm up for next week's album release goodness. In addition to releasing their debut video for "Friends of Friends", one of my favorite tracks, which up until now I've only been able to hear live (and through live videos on Youtube), "Eighth Avenue" is NPR's  Song of the Day" today.  It's a sunny little number which benefits greatly from Amber Papini's delicate drawl as she sings about boredom in a city that never sleeps. There's all sorts of little touches that make the track a bit more enjoyable than the live version - Brian Betancourt's falsetto (which happens live but is just nice to hear again), little flit and fluttery guitar licks that I didn't know were possible, and the juxtaposition of coarse, angular sounds alongside Hospitality's easy-breezy pop arrangement. An absolutely stellar addition to what's becoming more obviously a great debut from Hospitality.

You can listen to Hospitality's awesome "Eighth Avenue" at NPR here.

If that weren't enough, they also playing live on WMFU on Wednesday at 6pm EST and WNYC Soundcheck on Friday at 2pm EST. And they have a recently released Daytrotter session. A busy week indeed.

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