Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pitstop: Waterstrider

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Like the majority of my great finds in 2011, my introduction to Berkeley California sextet Waterstrider happened during a late night session. The sparse intro of "Midnight Moon" similar to Bibio's "Lovers' Carvings" made me immediately pay attention. Waterstrider's music is composed of an intricately layered foundation and swooping melodies with just the right amount of variation in the form of congas, flutes, and other unexpected instrumentation choices. Waterstrider spice up their standard indie rock with occasional forays into balmy tropical pop stylings and complex, attention-grabbing rhythms that are just the right kind of flashy.

Get a taste of Waterstrider with this live acoustic video of newer track "Tile Mountains":

Also you can listen to more Waterstrider with their recently released 4 song Constellation EP

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