Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Watch: Real Estate - "Easy"

It usually doesn't get much better than dogs but in a completely unexpected move, Real Estate have one-upped their adorably awesome video for "It's Real", with a humorous new video for "Easy" released on Funny or Die. The video, directed by Tom Sharpling, shows a group of zealous street teamers that go through incredible lengths to get people to share their love of Real Estate and get the band's name out there. My favorite is when they grab a random guy on the street and force him to listen to Days via clunky headphones but there's a lot of good ones. Also, there's this delightful spiral where a radio host won't play Real Estate and thus ends up getting himself kidnapped and taken into the woods to get disposed of. It sounds pretty dark but the humor is surprisingly light and there's a nice little twist at the end.

Check out the video for Real Estate's "Easy":

(Via Under the Radar)

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