Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Of Monsters and Men - Into the Woods EP

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Back in August when I heard "Little Talks", Iceland folk-pop sextet Of Monsters and Men's debut album My Head is an Animal became one of my most anticipated albums. The album was released the month after as a Iceland only release with news of regional releases soon to come.  Well now that Of Monsters and Men are set to make their true US debut, we're getting more news of their upcoming releases starting with their Into the Woods EP which came out last month.

It should be noted that the Into the Woods EP doesn't offer anything new to those who ordered the album - it's several of the album tracks put onto a smaller release. And yet, it's not really meant for those who were devoted enough to have the album shipped from Iceland. Into the Woods is for new or at least unfamiliar ears. An introduction to a band who very well should be a household name. Each song is an outpouring of emotion, brilliant arranged to be more evocative - like sparse ballad "Love Love Love". And yet, each track isn't a slow burning emotion-spewing ballad, there's rousing, shout vocal-laden "Little Talks" and "Six Weeks" and "From Finner" is a delightful mix of the vivacious energy of "Little Talks" and the emotional oomph of "Love Love Love".

Into the Woods is tragically short, there's no getting around that, but it's a great introduction to a band worthy of so much attention. In four songs (and whatever else you can find on the internet), the band is sure to win you over and crave more. Luckily for those wanting more, 2012 will see the US/Canadian release of My Head is An Animal with an all new tracklist and some tours so you can see the sextet at work. Here's hoping that's soon.

Get a taste of Of Monsters and Men with this live video of "Six Weeks":

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