Friday, January 6, 2012

Sharon Van Etten - "Serpents"

I have a confession to make. For as universally acclaimed as Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Sharon Van Etten is, I have only heard about two of her songs. No idea why. I actually own Epic. Well all of this is about to change. Last night a bout of curiosity led me to her Late Night on Jimmy Fallon performance.

"Serpents" is way different than what I expected from Van Etten. If only because she's been lauded as some sort of heartbreak maestro. "Serpents" is downright venomous. Amped up and accusatory but not whiny or out of control. I suppose it's the natural progression after singing songs about being in love and heartbroken, but color me impressed - especially with her delivery. "Serpents" has an "over it" air, while containing just the right amount of fiery, bitter resentment. It's a real doozy. And arguably one of my first can't stop listening tracks of the year. Congratulations Sharon Van Etten, you just sold a record sight-unseen.

 Sharon Van Etten - Serpents by All Around Sound Blog

Her latest record Tramp is due out February 7th on Jagjaguwar.

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