Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Watch: Nerves Junior - "Swimmer's Ear"

Today Louisville, Kentucky rock outfit Nerves Junior released their second video off debut album As Bright As  Your Night Light for "Swimmer's Ear". The video, directed by Zach of We Listen For You, is just plain awesome. Why? Well for starters it's kind of like a little 4 minute microfilm. It opens with a man (singer/guitarist Cory) waking up in a parking lot with a bandaged hand and spitting out a key with no idea how he got there. He does a bit of Jason Bourne-esque walking around and discovers the bandage on his hand conceals a power switch that makes things get weird and often deadly. The whole video is essentially this demented pseudo-detective story where the man's trying to figure out what's going on and things becoming more and more strange. I won't ruin the ending, because it's freaking amazing but this video is absolutely brilliant. So big ups to Zach at We Listen For You for directing such an awesome video. Don't believe me? Watch it now and be amazed. Seriously.

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