Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Princeton - "Remembrance of Things to Come"

It was a couple months ago when Princeton first announced the completion of their sophomore album Remembrance of Things to Come. Today, we actually get to listen to something from it (that's not the tragically short preview). The title track might very well be one of the greatest pairings of arranging and beat-making I've heard in awhile. Other than that, it kind of sounds like a rehashing of "To the Alps" which isn't a completely bad thing. I have no idea the direction, the foursome are going with the album but with arrangements like this they've got a good thing going. "Remembrance of Things to Come" isn't as in your face catchy as the singles we've been treated to this past year but maybe that's a good thing?

Princeton Remembrance of Things to Come by proxartgia

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