Friday, January 27, 2012

Pistop: Writer

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Ever since catching Wildlife last Friday at Mercury Lounge, I've been in an uncharacteristic mood for loud, gritty rock music - a mood that has been properly satiated by Bay Area transplants Writer. As I watched them open up from ARMS at their recent Glasslands show one thing was abundantly clear: the brother duo make an astonishing amount of noise for two people. Each member impressively wielding a tambourine alongside drums or synthesizer, the brothers Andy and James Ralph play with an infectiously high energy and polished skill I was completely not expecting from an opening band. A pleasant start to what turned out to be an absolutely stacked display of talent. Writer's tunes feature a percussion-heavy focus filtered through a garage rock fuzz and adorned with ear-catching melodies - it's music that grips you tightly and jostles you around a bit from start to finish.

New Yorkers are lucky to have the newly relocated San Diego band and those unfortunate enough to miss them at Glasslands, can see them at Mercury Lounge February 9th. So make sure you do that if you want to have your socks rocked off.

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