Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kishi Bashi - "It All Began With A Burst"

It's official. After the funding of the production of his debut album through Kickstarter, Kishi Bashi's album is coming to life. Not that it wasn't before. Backers were treated to the mixed version of "I am the Antichrist to You" but that was only a sneak peek. Today sees the premiere of Kishi Bashi's first single off 151a, "It All Began With A Burst". A fizzy sunny tune filled with hand claps filter throughout alongside swooping melodies and Ishibashi's Japanese vocalizations. It's fun and introduces us to the less violin-centric Kishi Bashi, the multi-instrumentalist he's lauded as being.

And if that wasn't enough, today it was officially announced that Kishi Bashi has been signed to Joyful Noise Recordings, most notable for the release of the Of Montreal cassette box set. Considering that Ishibashi's an Of Montreal member, it makes perfect sense. So now 151a finally has a home and a release date. We can expect the album April 10th amid a full season of touring.

(via Spin)

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