Monday, January 9, 2012

Watch: Fanfarlo - "Shiny Things"

With the release date of their sophomore album Rooms Filled With Light inching closer and closer, British chamber pop quintet Fanfarlo are giving us another peak at what to expect in the form of new song/video "Shiny Things".  The group continue their quest for a more pop-centric sound which led them to a sort of updated take on 80's synth-pop. It's driving. The video takes place in (I'm assuming the high competitive) world of rhythmic gymnastics with three girls with their girls performing for a group of judges before the video takes a weird twist. One of the girls collapses, becoming a gold statue, and two of the judges appear to be trying to help but are actually bringing her to this basement goldsmithy where they take parts of her and turn them into jewelry. It's crazy but handled in that crazy, Fanfarlo way that allows for even the most ridiculous scenarios to feel relateable. There's also some sort of highly poignant metaphor, both lyrically and symbolically but I won't ruin the surprise.

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