Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dry the River - "The Chambers & The Valves"

There a few things that the Brits seemed to do well better than most: period dramas and folk music. Dry the River's latest single "The Chambers & The Valves" certainly proves the latter. With the release of their debut album about a month and a half away, Dry the River are making a strong case for purchasing it. There's still that rather anthemic sound displayed in "No Rest" but with a bit more mirth which makes it more accessible to the average listener. But it's not just some halfhearted attempt at commercial success - there's the skillful songwriting and overt infectiousness best showed in "No Ceremony" while not just feeling like a tired repeat. You know, the kind of thing every good songwriter tries their best to do. It's such a strong track that it's no wonder they made it a single.

Listen to "The Chambers & The Valves":
 Dry the River - "The Chambers & The Valves" by Dry the River

Dry the River's debut album Shallow Bed is out March 5th in the UK and "The Chambers & The Valves" 7" is due out February 27th with b-side "Hammer".

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