Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Watch: Feist - "The Bad in Each Other"

Despite the fact that me and Leslie Feist are currently one-sided fighting about her ticket prices and how expensive they are, girl makes a good video. Considering the cinematic scope of some of the tracks on Metals (namely "Undiscovered First" and "A Commotion") the direction of her latest video for "The Bad in Each Other" isn't all that surprising. The video unfolds like a much better version of ensemble movies like Valentine's Day or New Year's Ever, with a series of vignettes based in Mexico. There's no real explanation or resolution and yet, Feist and director Martin De Thurah manage to tapdance all over your heartstrings. When the first scene is of a man burying his dead dog, you don't really stand a chance.

Watch Feist's video for "The Bad in Each Other":

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