Sunday, February 5, 2012

Prussia - "Girl Cops"/"Annie"

Detroit, Michigan's quirky chamber pop quintet Prussia are going on an indefinite hiatus to focus on side projects, real life, and the like but before they do, they dropped brand new single "Girl Cops". "Girl Cops" comes with b-side "Annie" and both follow in the hypersexual style of Poor English without the sophisticated arrangements to distract from the subject matter. "Girl Cops" follows a more fragmented, disjointed songwriting style than you'd expect with the same sort of mysterious non-explanation prevalent on Poor English like in "What Am I Gonna Tell Your Mom"?

It's a shame Prussia is going on hiatus because the direction they go on the "Girl Cops" single is one I'd be interested in hearing more of, especially in retro pop number "Annie" which sounds kind of 80s but with splashes of Prussia's more modern leanings. Here's hoping that their hiatus isn't too long.

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