Monday, February 27, 2012

Will Stratton - "You Divers"/"When You Let Your Hair Down to Your Shoulder"

I'm not exactly sure what originally made Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Will Stratton follow me on Twitter but I'm certainly glad he did. Though it lasted but briefly, it brought him to my attention. Next month sees the release of his fourth full-length album Post-Empire, and if the first two songs streaming on his Bandcamp are any indication, it's bound to be a good one.

Will Stratton's melodies and instrumentals are considerably impressive - taking the best parts of folk bands like Horse Feathers and Bowerbirds (and their pastoral reveries), frankenstein-ing them together, and adding his own light touch of finger-picking and quiet, arresting tenor. Stratton somehow makes his 7 minute opening track, "You Divers" seem like mere seconds.and worthy of instantaneous repeat. Only to be followed by bustling "When You Let Your Hair Down to Your Shoulder" which finds the perfect balance between the soulful arrangement and Stratton's narrative.

Hear the two masterfully written tracks here:

Will Stratton's Post-Empire is out March 20th.

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